Gus Christensen Endorsed by The New York Times


The New York Times Editorial Board endorsed Gus’s candidacy in the Democratic primary for the 76th Assembly district. Of the four candidates he was named “the clear leader in this race” and their unequivocal support is an enormous win for the campaign.

From the New York Times Article:

“In the race to replace the disgraced Assemblyman Micah Kellner, the leading candidates are Rebecca Seawright, backed by most labor unions and women’s groups, and Gus Christensen, a former investment banker. Mr. Christensen, who often says that ‘economic justice is just good economics,’ has the credibility to coax the financial community into accepting higher taxes and a better minimum wage. Ms. Seawright is a lawyer who runs the Feminist Press publishing unit at the City University of New York. The other candidates are David Menegon, a Xerox executive, and Edward Hartzog, a lawyer. Mr. Christensen is the clear leader in this race.”


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