Gus Christensen believes it is critical to pass the full, 10-point Women’s Equality Act, a legislative package that would provide the women of New York with a package of important economic and social protections. The Act includes such basic rights and issues as equal pay for equal work, combating sex trafficking, and extending protections against harassment and discrimination.

However, New York State should not stop there. The broader progressive agenda that Gus will fight for includes many items that will yield important advances for women, men and families. Gus will:

  • Fight to pass the full, ten-point Women’s Equality Act without allowing the Republicans in Albany to continue denying New York women the basic rights and freedoms they deserve.
  • Ensure that women have the right to keep decisions about their bodies between themselves and their doctors, not politicians or self-appointed busybodies.
  • Increase the minimum wage and expand the Earned Income Tax Credit so that full time workers at minimum wage earn at least $15 per hour. More than half of minimum wage workers are women, many of whom are raising families. The real value of the minimum wage has been deeply eroded by inflation over the years, and working families need a raise, and our economy needs the boost that it would provide.
  • Demand that access to birth control be fully covered by all forms of health insurance, and that decisions as to what type to use are left between women and their doctors, not their employers, government regulators, or anyone else.
  • Institute universal daycare that ties into two years of true full-day Pre-K. No one, woman or man, should ever have to choose between going to work and knowing that their child is in safe, caring hands.
  • Fight to reform New York’s development process, paving the way for more affordable housing for the middle class, seniors and low income people

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