Gaining Traction After NYT Article on Roosevelt Island

Gus’s vision for Roosevelt Island and the entire 76th assembly district was recently highlighted in articles by well known bloggers who focus on the island and on affordable housing. Both Malcolm Redfellow and the Roosevelt Islander blog picked up the recent New York Times article on Roosevelt Island in their own pieces.

Redfellow: “Gus Christensen and Co.”

          “I have to say, with his emphasis on housing and decent provision for schooling, Mr Christensen sounds like my sort of man…. I feel that Christensen, Reeves, Hunt, and Miliband are models of precisely the kind of caring, thoughtful progressives of which we need many more.”

Roosevelt Islander: “NY Times Spotlights NY State Assembly Candidate Gus Christensen in Roosevelt Island Affordable Housing Article”

        “Affordable housing was the subject of a NY Times article today headlined ‘Affordable Island in the Sun: Roosevelt Island Maintains Its Mix.’ The Big City column focused its first two paragraphs of a Roosevelt Island affordable housing story on one of the NY State Democratic Party 76th Assembly District candidates – Gus Christensen.”


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